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Grill Parts & Accessories

  • Ash Pan and Rake Quick view

    Ash Pan and Rake

    Vision Grills Ash Rake and Ash Pan The Vision Grills Ash Rake and Ash Pan are designed for quick and easy ash removal or a cleaner way to add charcoal to your Vision Ceramic Grill. (Always allow grill and ash to fully cool off before cleaning.)

  • Quick view

    Barbecue Kit

    Perfect Grip 3-Piece Tool Set Plastic handles for a comfortable grip Stainless steel heads -Fork – 16.5 in (42 cm) -Spatula – 17.3 in (44 cm) -Tongs – 13.7 in (34.7 cm) Suede Grilling Gloves Two 17.5 in (44.5 cm) heavy duty...

  • Cart Casters Quick view

    Cart Casters

    Vision Grills Cart Casters Stainless steel caster assembly with rubber wheel. Locking caster - for use on the following large and XL grill models: Classic B-Series, Classic B-Series with Ash Drawer, Diamond Cut B-Series with Ash Drawer, Classic...

  • Cast Iron Half Moon Griddle Quick view

    Cast Iron Half Moon Griddle

    Vision Grills Cast Iron Half Moon Griddle Adds even more versatility to your outdoor cooking with the ability to sauté, fry and easily flip just about any food. Easily prepare Fajitas, Fish, Vegetables, Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes and much more!

  • Cast Iron Top Vent Quick view

    Cast Iron Top Vent

    Vision Grills Cast Iron Top Vent Calibrated, adjustable, press-fit top vent. Standard - Large/XL, cast iron top vent without smoker knob for use on the following large and XL grill models: Classic B-Series, Classic B-Series with Ash Drawer,...

  • Classic M-Series Cooking Grate Quick view

    Classic M-Series Cooking Grate

    Vision Grills Classic M-Series Cooking Grate A stainless steel cooking grate, which fits perfectly onto your M-Series Kamado Grill. This cooking grate flips up for easy access to food. *Note: this grate is not compatible with the Dual Fuel...

  • Electric Charcoal Starter Quick view

    Electric Charcoal Starter

    Vision Grills Electric Charcoal Starter The perfect way to ignite your lump charcoal for cooking on your Vision Grills Kamado Grill. Insert the Curved Electric starter directly into the fire bowl then cover the starter with lump charcoal. Plug into the...

  • Electric Starter Pocket Quick view

    Electric Starter Pocket

    Vision Grills Electric Starter Pocket Stainless steel electric starter pocket for use the following grill models: Professional S-Series, Professional C-Series and Signature Series Plaza/Destin, Gourmet/Laguna, Rendezvous/Malibu, and Grande/Sanibel...

  • Felt or Nomex Gasket Kit Quick view

    Felt or Nomex Gasket Kit

    Vision Grills Gasket Kit Gasket kits cover the lid, base, and underneath the top vent. Each length of gasket will self-adhere to the grill after removal of its paper backing. These kits fit each of our Large and Medium Kamados (Classic B & M,...